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Passenger car tires: how to make the right choice

When planning to buy tires, it is worth clarifying the technical characteristics of the vehicle and tires, familiarizing yourself with the features of operation, and also taking into account the peculiarities of seasonal use. When choosing tires for a passenger car or SUV, the determining factors are usually the diameter and model of the car, as well as the season of use. In accordance with this indicator, manufacturers offer the following types: For more references, check out: michelin defender t+h review

·         All-season passenger tires are a universal option and are suitable for any conditions of use, however, they have low wear resistance and a limited service life;

·         Winter structures have increased strength and elasticity, they are able to withstand sudden temperature changes and difficult road conditions. Winter passenger tires can also be studded or non-studded;

·         Summer passenger tires are distinguished by their ability to operate in high temperatures, they are designed to drive fast on any road and have excellent contact with the road lane.

All-season passenger tires, the price of which will be affordable for every vehicle owner, allows you to save money on the purchase of different sets, however, they provide for a limited mode of use. To understand the features of each type of tires, special markings will help, which allows buyers to understand the indicators of the diameter and functional type of rubber.

What are the most popular passenger car tires?

Our catalog of passenger tires contains products from more than 30 domestic, European and Asian manufacturers. Passenger tires of different brands differ in prices and functional characteristics, but the quality remains consistently high. Drivers most often choose models from Continental, Michelin, Goodyear, Pirelli, Nokian, Bridgestone, Dunlop.

How much do passenger tires cost?

The price of rubber depends on the size and brand. As the size increases, the cost increases as more compound is required to manufacture larger tires. Each manufacturer offers a specific price category for their products, taking into account the following factors:

·         Materials;

·         Design, modeling and technology development;

·         Tests and tests;

·         Production control and certification.

Which car tires to buy?

The choice of passenger car tires begins with the study of the vehicle manual. The manufacturer clearly indicates what kind of passenger tires are needed for a particular car. When searching and comparing models, you should pay attention to the following characteristics: seasonality, tread design, tire and cord construction, mounting diameter, speed and load index, width and height of the profile.